Mar 27, 2013

How important is an e-commerce facility to your organisation?

The UK has become one of the strongest digital markets in the world. During 2012, business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce sales grew by 14.4 percent to £77.35 billion, up from £67.60 billion in 2011. Last year, e-commerce sales in the UK were almost three times larger than those in Germany, the second-largest Western European market. In 2013, UK sales are expected to increase again by 13.4 percent to £87.75 billion, accounting for nearly one-third of all B2C e-commerce sales in Europe. Is your organisation making the most of the internet?

Businesses are increasingly recognising the necessity of a multi-channel strategy. In a recent report commissioned by DHL Supply Chain, 25 percent of businesses state that the biggest growth opportunity for expansion is to establish new channels to market. The report also confirmed the importance of e-commerce amongst UK businesses with 32 percent of companies expecting to invest heavily in the e-commerce channel over the next 12 months.

Initially, the thought of investing in an e-commerce facility to be able to accept Direct Debit payments through your website sounds expensive and timely. Factors including software packages, development and compliance costs as well as the time and effort taken to implement such a system, may put off many businesses. However, SmartDebit offers a much simpler and cost-effective online Direct Debit service.

SmartDebit clients can take advantage of our e-commerce Direct Debit facilities; SmartDebit Online® or SmartDebit API®, depending on the level of integration their business requires.

SmartDebit Online® is our hosted service, with two online options available, clients can set the hosted form within an iframe on a page on their site, or we can provide them with a URL link to our secure site where payers can fill out their details. Both options are branded or white labelled to ensure your customers are completely confident that they are setting up a Direct Debit with you.

SmartDebit API® allows our clients to fully integrate with our Direct Debit service with our tried and tested application programming interface (API). This allows you to create the website pages in the exact design you that you desire, including the brand colours and fields.

For more information on accepting Direct Debits via your website, please call our sales team.

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