AUDDIS (Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service) is the Bacs service enabling organisations to set-up new Direct Debit Instructions (DDIs) to their payer’s Payment Service Provider (PSP) electronically.


AUDDIS Reports

Invalid Direct Debit Instructions (DDIs) are returned to Service Users via the bank returned AUDDIS service. These are made available by SmartDebit upon receipt.


AUDDIS Reason Codes and their meanings:

Code Reason Circumstances Special Instructions
1 Instruction cancelled by payer Payer has instructed paying PSP to cancel DDI Service user must liaise with payer to agree the payment method for collection of any outstanding funds
2 Payer deceased Payer deceased
3 Account transferred Account transferred to another bank / building society First check you have not been notified of the new bank details, if not you must obtain a new DDI from the payer. Collection must be suspended until a new DD set up and advance notice is issued to the payer
5 No account Account number is not recognised at the paying bank Service user should check Direct Debit information and/or liaise with payer
6 No Instruction Does not exist on paying bank’s database Service user should check the DDI and/or liaise with payer
7 DDI amount not zero Validation has detected field 8 not zero or blank space filled Service user should correct the record and resubmit
B Account closed Payer has closed his account for an unknown reason If the Direct Debit is to continue the service user must obtain a new DDI for a different/new account
C Account transferred to a different branch of the bank/building society New account details supplied to the service user by paying bank Service user should apply change to data file and continue with Direct Debit collections. A 0C/0N pair must not be sent on receipt of this message
F Invalid account type Paying PSP does not allow Direct Debits on this type of account Service user will need to obtain new account details from the payer. The Direct Debit cannot be applied
G Bank will not accept Direct Debits on account Paying PSP does not allow Direct Debits on this account Service user must liaise with payer and obtain a new DDI for a different/new account
H Instruction has expired Occurs when a service user attempts to convert a DDI which is shown as expired on the paying PSP’s database A 0N DDI will be required to re-activate this DDI if collections are to resume. Service users must ensure they have the payer’s authorisation to collect under expired Instruction
I Payer Reference is not unique Paying PSP has matched the DDI to an existing DDI with a similar reference that has more or fewer characters Service user should allocate a different reference and lodge DDI, again using 0N