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SmartDebit customers include businesses, charities, sports clubs, schools and colleges.

They range from small clubs that simply collect annual subscriptions, to utilities who manage tens of thousands of customer payments every week. What connects them is simply this: they need to collect payments by Direct Debit, and want to do so professionally.

Customer Stories

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  • We have been using the direct debit system operated by SmartDebit for a little over a year now. During the course of the past year we have set up over 2,000 DDs for parents paying for transport to College mainly and a smaller number for payment of course costs, tuition fees etc.. This was a major change of process for us but one which our staff and customers have embraced very happily. The web-based system itself if simple to operate and is pretty flexible in terms of dates and payment amounts. The back end reporting systems are good and we have found excellent customer service and support for any queries, training issues or customisation required. Its very quick to see what income has been collected and where payments have failed (within a few days of the collection date) and we are informed of what income is expected on each payment run too. This has given us a high degree of real time management information which has been a great improvement to our management capability. The audit trail is excellent too.

    Brockenhurst College
  • The SmartDebit solution has already proved to be a positive investment for Krome; the way that client payments are now set up, managed and received is fast, simple and effective. The finance team have all been impressed with the online management tool which is incredibly simple to administer; all in all the SmartDebit solution is a vast improvement on previous processes.

  • MAG selected SmartDebit as, out of all the providers we met, they were the most helpful and professional. Their costs also worked out more reasonable than many of their competitors. They gave us the confidence that their systems would integrate with our systems, and that they had the technical and systems knowledge to support the process. We are very impressed overall with the service they have provided.

  • First of all, I would like to say that the level of service and support from SmartDebit is unprecedented. I had the task of migrating all of our payers across from our previous software, a process I had previously gone through with that supplier and dreaded doing it again! However, from the initial phone call to the SmartDebit Sales team, I was given the confidence that I would get the support I needed and my main point of contact was there every step of the way. The migration of payers was absolutely seamless and the on-going payment processing administration is very easy to do. I am highly impressed by your professionalism and speed of response whenever I email or call with a query. I am very pleased with all things ‘SmartDebit’ and look forward to having a long lasting business relationship.

    Taylor Biddle Opticians
  • Diners Club use SmartDebit and is a globally recognised brand serving the payment needs of select and affluent consumers as well as providing companies with payment solutions. Since August 2012 Diners Club in the UK and Ireland has been issued by Affiniture Cards Limited.

    Diners Club
  • When setting up i-GO, our unique business model was completely dependent on establishing an efficient and cost-effective method for collecting monthly payments from new lens wearers which provide our primary source of income. Working with SmartDebit, we created a direct debiting system which has been rolled out to most of i-GO’s opticians and delivers a reliable service so that we are confident of monies being paid on time every month. The SmartDebit team are highly knowledgeable and extremely professional so that queries are dealt with promptly and we are confident that as i-GO grows, the first class SmartDebit service will continue to support our expanding and more complex requirements.

  • Payment Solutions T/A SmartDebit have worked with The London Mint Office since we began to trade in the UK in 2006. They advised us on our payment processing platform from conception, implementation through to live processing of the major payment types. They worked with us side by side in setting up services with our Bank which proved invaluable. With SmartDebit’s assistance we moved from an outsourced fulfilment and call centre to our own establishment which involved complex development of payment systems involving the UK, Norway and Germany. Our activities since then have grown substantially and we continue to seek advice and service from SmartDebit. We set up Direct Debits at the outset and are now investigating developing this further into online processing. We have found the services reliable which is critical in our marketplace. They have a solid understanding of the payment processing business across the board.

Case Studies

Warrior Factory

Warrior Factory is a thriving martial arts academy in Yorkshire. After receiving poor service from other Direct Debit bureaux, Phil turned to SmartDebit and upon switching has never looked back.

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The British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) turned to SmartDebit to become more automated in its Direct Debit processing, realising monetary savings and a revolution in the digitalisation of its membership operations as a result.

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FOUR PAWS is an international animal welfare charity for whom donations is an essential revenue stream. SmartDebit helped FOUR PAWS to switch to our service with the minimum of disruption when their previous bureau gave them notice out of their control.

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