SmartDebit is the UK’s leading Direct Debit service provider

We process billions each year for organisations of all sizes.

Established. Accredited. Advanced

Established in 1998, we provide timely and efficient payment processing for Utilities, Insurers, IT providers, Schools and Colleges, Charities and a range of other Subscription Businesses.


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People trust SmartDebit with their payments

Advanced Technology

Our services make optimal use of technology to make collections as smooth as possible – minimising errors, keeping customers informed and streamlining accounts reconciliation. We were pioneers in the adoption of paperless Direct Debit, and today our customers can use online tools to upload data and track their payments.

Outstanding Service

These online tools are backed by a dedicated Customer Service Team available daily by phone or email to answer customer queries, saving time and money.

Fully Accredited

As part of providing the highest standards of service, we are wholly transparent and fully accredited by Bacs.

We are one of the few Direct Debit bureaux that follow the comprehensive customer safeguarding requirements used in the banking world and have chosen to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (registration no. 612857).

We are also ISO 27001:2013 certified

From Small Clubs to Big Utilities

Our customers include business, charities, sports clubs, schools and colleges

  • The web-based system is simple to operate and flexible. The back-end reporting systems, audit trail and customer service are excellent. This has given us a high degree of real-time management information.

    Brockenhurst College
  • Working with SmartDebit, we created an efficient and cost-effective method for collecting monthly payments. Their first-class team are highly knowledgeable, and we’re confident they will continue to support our growth.

  • The SmartDebit solution has already proved to be a positive investment; the way that client payments are set up, managed and received is fast, simple and effective. All in all, the SmartDebit solution is a vast improvement.

  • SmartDebit advised us on our payment processing platform from conception, implementation through to live processing. Our activities since then have grown substantially and we continue to seek advice and service from SmartDebit.


As part of ensuring that our service maintains the exceptionally high standards we have set, we have sought independent accreditation of our processes and procedures. This in turn gives our customers the confidence that they will be fully compliant when working with us, and that their customers are fully protected.

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