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The UK is one of the strongest digital markets in the world. Accept Direct Debit payments through your website with SmartDebit Online®.

Online Direct Debits

Setting up Direct Debits online via your website

Would you like to be able to accept Direct Debit payments from customers and clients on your website? Offering payment by Direct Debit online means customers are more likely to purchase right away, which can make a big difference to your cash flow.

Consumers prefer making online Direct Debit applications

Customers today are comfortable paying for products and services online and often even expect to do so. They can feel safe knowing that their Direct Debit details are securely taken in the same secure web environment used for handling card payments.

SmartDebit can help you offer an online Direct Debit facility through a system to sign up new payers, validate bank details, email confirmation, comply with the regulations, be secure and integrate with your website and your database. Go live today with our hosted pages or use your branded site with SmartDebit API®

The disadvantages of in-house

You may decide to receive Direct Debits online by arranging everything in house. However, this can be disadvantageous in terms of development costs, on-going maintenance, IT support and time.

Although there are software products that can process Direct Debits, you also need a separate system linked to your website. This system will need to be scoped out, priced, developed and tested for compliancy. In addition, you need to know how the Bacs Direct Debit scheme rules and regulations work.

Outsourcing is simpler, faster and cost-effective

Outsourcing Internet Direct Debit processing is much simpler than having to arrange and deal with it in-house – especially if you don’t have the time or money to develop a system.

SmartDebit can set up an e-commerce service enabling you to sign up payers via your website. Choose from one of these headache-free options:

  • Payment by Direct Debit via API (Application Programming Interface): Gives you control over branding, payer sign up, Direct Debit collections, edits, confirmation, and reports. What’s more, your payers remain on your website while signing up.
  • Payment by Direct Debit via Iframe: Your payers remain on your website throughout sign up: this takes place inside a frame set to one of your web pages (with white labelling).
  • Payment by Direct Debit via a link: A URL link to our secure website so that payers can sign up (with white labelling).

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