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Direct Debit for SMEs

Need to collect regular fixed, variable or adhoc payments from payers?

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Direct Debit for Corporates

New to Direct Debits? or enquiring about outsourcing or contingency?

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Direct Debit for Not for Profit

Need to collect from donors or sign up online?

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The UK's Leading Bacs Approved Direct Debit Bureau

SmartDebit is the UK’s leading Direct Debit bureau, specialising in payment processing on behalf of businesses, not for profits and the public sector since 1998. SmartDebit is a Bacs approved bureau scoring ‘Excellent’ ratings in all five categories of the Bacs audit, and is ISO 27001 certified.

Offering paper and paperless Direct Debit options, the SmartDebit service encompasses the SmartDebit Admin® cloud-based portal to administer payments, SmartDebit Online® to sign payers up via a website, SmartDebit API® for the fully integrated solution and SmartDebit Contingency® for disaster recovery.

Direct Debit collections service

Our services can help improve your organisation’s cash flow and control, save you valuable time and money through the automation of payments. By outsourcing to SmartDebit you will benefit from a fully managed Direct Debit service; Project Management, account management, processing, security and contingency.

SmartDebit gives you access to the power of Direct Debit collections without the expensive outlay and the time taken to set up your own scheme. Our fees are highly competitive and fully transparent, leaving you with no ‘surprises’ at the end of each month.

The most efficient, cost effective and secure way of collecting Direct Debits for your business, not for profit or public sector organisation is through SmartDebit.

  • Ideal for regular payment collections: bills, donations, memberships and subscription fees
  • Improve your organisation's cash flow and save on costly administrative duties
  • Our direct debit services are guaranteed, secure and convenient
  • Choose the amount and the date of payment
  • No investment in Bacs software necessary
  • Discover the benefits of Direct Debit through SmartDebit

    Accepting Direct Debits on your website

    The UK has become one of the strongest digital markets in the world, with consumers becoming increasingly comfortable with purchasing goods and services online.

    Organisations are increasingly recognising the importance of a multi-channel strategy to market. However, the initial thought of investing in an online facility to accept Direct Debit payments sounds expensive and time consuming. This is not the case with SmartDebit.

    SmartDebit’s online Direct Debit service gives your organisation the ability to accept Direct Debits on your website. Our branded and fully secure service that ensures payers are completely confident when entering their details to set up a Direct Debit. Depending on the level of integration required, we have two services available; SmartDebit Online® (our hosted pages) and SmartDebit API® (our fully integrated application programming interface). Our in-house technical team are always on hand to ensure the implementation process as seamless as possible and provide on-going support.

  • No development costs or on-going maintenance
  • Quick, simple and cheap to set up
  • No need to worry about compliance or security
  • Our technical team are on hand to provide support
  • Learn more about online Direct Debit

    Paperless Direct Debit

    Our paperless Direct Debit service gives organisations the facility to sign up new payers to Direct Debit without them having to fill out a paper mandate.

    As we move further into the digital era, consumers increasingly expect instant responses. Administering paperless Direct Debits offers customers immediacy as well as simplicity, whilst the organisation itself benefits from reduced processing costs, greater efficiency and total accuracy. The environmental impact is also far reduced from the traditional paper-based method.

    Paperless Direct Debit sign-up

    The SmartDebit service provides a number of different options to our clients in which their payers can give their authority without having to fill out a paper mandate to verify the Direct Debit instruction.

    Over the telephone: Payers are read a short script, which has been approved by your sponsoring bank or ours. Their name, address and bank details are taken and entered directly into our online portal SmartDebit Admin®.

    Online Direct Debit sign-up: Using our hosted pages or fully integrated solution, payers can fill out a data entry form on your website, which will automatically create a new Direct Debit instruction in SmartDebit Admin®.

    Face-to-face: A smart device or laptop can be used to sign your payers up to Direct Debit. Simply log in to SmartDebit Admin®, read out the approved script, enter the payer’s details and confirm.

    Learn more about SmartDebit's paperless Direct Debit service

    What is a Direct Debit?

    Direct Debit is the automated payment method preferred by more than 60% of the UK population. It is an instruction from the payer to their bank or building society that authorises an organisation to collect payment directly from their account. Direct Debit is the most secure, efficient and convenient way for consumers to pay their regular bills.

    More than 3.4 billion transactions are being processed every year by Bacs (the governing body behind Direct Debits) as the popularity of Direct Debit amongst consumers and businesses is greater than ever before. Direct Debit processing has changed in recent years with the introduction of AUDDIS (Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service) which enables organisations to send new Direct Debit instructions to their customers’ bank electronically instead of in paper format.

    Benefits of Direct Debit to businesses, not for profits and public sector organisations

  • Improved cash flow - you control the date of receipt into your account
  • Saves administrative duties - eliminates time consuming reconciliation
  • Saves time - no need to waste time chasing customers for payment
  • Flexibility - offer customers the option to spread their payments
  • Control - allows you to forecast accurately
  • Security - you and your customers are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee
  • Discover how Direct Debit can help your organisation

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