Aug 21, 2013

SmartDebit: Making B2B Payments Simple

The digital payments revolution over the last 15 years has largely been focused on consumers, leaving companies to take a back seat. Take a look at the current market place for consumer-focused payments such as PayPal and the more recent rise of the mobile payments technology company Square. Consumers are being flooded with payment methods which make their purchasing experience instant, simple and convenient. The same cannot be said for businesses.

At present, companies in the UK are at battling against a culture that has racked up a total collective debt of £35bn in late payments. It is a well-known fact that small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, yet many are being strangled at birth due to their struggle with cash flow through the late payment of their invoices. Accountants and bookkeepers are increasingly going through the arduous and stressful task of sending invoices, chasing clients for overdue payments and finally reconciling their accounts. At SmartDebit, we want to make late payments between businesses a thing of the past.

Operating a Direct Debit scheme through SmartDebit puts businesses in control of when they receive payment from their counterparts. Our service makes it very simple and cost effective for companies to take regular Direct Debit payments and integrate the process with their accounting software which automates the reconciliation process.

SmartDebit is one of the leading Direct Debit service providers, ensuring organisations across the UK benefit from seamless, convenient and automated B2B payments, leaving them to focus on growing their business, satisfying their customer and refining their products or services.

Contact our sales team for more information on B2B invoicing using Direct Debit.

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