Feb 24, 2021

SmartDebit Achieve +70 NPS

The results are in from our most recent Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, and we are proud to announce that we have achieved an industry-leading NPS of +70. These results build upon our previous improvements and illustrate our focus on driving positive customer experiences.

This metric is backed by some other achievements in service, including a Customer Satisfaction score of 99% and a Trustpilot rating of 4.9/5, where we have been rated as Excellent following customer testimonials leading the market for Direct Debit service providers.

Why is NPS important?

When thinking about how good an experience has been with a company, a customer will have to evaluate everything that the business has to offer, from the onboarding process at the beginning of their journey, all the way through to the customer support they receive if they need assistance using a product or service. This can give organisations a powerful insight into the full experience a customer receives, and helps the organisation to improve their processes, products and services and, when published, enables customers to make better-informed buying decisions based on real-world feedback.

When a business is willing to recommend a service provider to others, it implies that trust has been established between both parties. If a customer is willing to recommend them to a colleague, friend or family member, they know that the company will look after these connections in the same way that they have been looked after.

Along with this, growth is an essential target for any business and to be able to maintain the lowest level of customer churn, as well as acquiring new customers through word of mouth, means that growth can come from what has already been built. According to Customer Experience Update,‘83% of customers would trust recommendations from the people they know’.

Big Brands NPS Score

According to Marketing Week, just 10% of brands in the UK excel at customer experience and have a Net Promotor Score of 40 or more, with the tech industry leading the way. This shows that the majority of brands are missing the mark completely and even some of those that are within the top 10% aren’t pushing an especially high percentage NPS score, proving that there is a lack of focus for many on the support they provide their customers.

Using NPS to compare competitors within a space will give you the ability to see where the edge stands if the product is relatively similar. For example, we looked at data provided by Customer Guru and found that Microsoft holds an NPS score of 45, whilst Apple’s score stands at 47. Facebook’s score is at -21, whereas Google’s is 11, showing that consumers’ experience with Facebook lacks substantially over their experience with Google, even though Google’s score isn’t incredibly high. If you were to look at these scores before making any decisions between competitors, then you would be able to clearly see from a full perspective which customer group is the most content with a business’ offering, thus helping to move your decision along about which to choose.

Where SmartDebit compares to this

As we’ve stated previously, SmartDebit has recently just hit an incredible milestone and has achieved an NPS score of +70.

Compared with the biggest brands in the world, this puts us on a great track to reach Starbucks’ score of 77 and then push even further and be on the level of Costco at 79. These are the only two of the biggest 100 brands in the world that stand above our current score.

SmartDebit has always had a focus on delivering a market-leading customer experience, and we are very proud to build upon our results as we scale.

Where our competitors place

When developing our 20 Smart Reasons to Switch to SmartDebit guide, we wanted to evaluate where we stood in terms of our customer service metrics compared with our competitors. In terms of Net Promoter Score, this proved to be a difficult task as many of the businesses don’t publicly advertise their scores.

We believe in providing transparency. Feedback can help us to improve, so we take both the good and the bad as a necessary vehicle for continuous improvement.

Our metrics, allow us to confidently show that we are the UK’s leading Direct Debit service provider. If you would like to know how we compare to your current bureau, get in touch to get started with us today.

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