SmartDebit are experts in Cheque Processing

Since 1998 we have been the leading bulk cheque clearing solution for organisations of all sizes. Every year we process more than 10 million individual cheques for our customers.

Who is it for?

Cheque processing is a service aimed at organisations with a high volume of inbound cheque payments. From charities to mail order companies, we can provide a bespoke service to meet your needs.


How does it work?

With our cheque processing service, SmartDebit manages the process on your behalf. We collect your cheques using a secure service and deliver them straight to the central processing unit where they are processed through central clearance and made available to you, making better use of staff time and reducing security risks associated with regular banking patterns.

Future Of Cheques

And what about the future of cheques?

The Cheque & Credit Clearing Company, the governing body for UK cheques is preparing for a move to imaging (Called the Image Clearing System) which will remove the need to move paper cheques altogether. SmartDebit are ready to transition Customers to imaging.

The Image Clearing System

The proposed new method will revolutionise how cheques are cleared in the UK. It will mean that cheques will be cleared using a digital image of the cheque rather than via the current paper-based clearing system where the actual paper cheque is transported around the country to be cleared.


How much does Cheque Processing and Electronic Cheque Imaging cost?

Our model is based on the volume of cheques that you need to process. To get a comprehensive quote, please fill out the form below or contact our Sales team

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Are you ready for Electronic Cheque (e-Cheque) Imaging in 2017?

For SmartDebit, the answer is Yes. We can help you to store your cheques electronically now and reduce disruption to your cash flow in time for the changes due to take effect in October 2017.

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What are the benefits of Cheque Processing with SmartDebit?

What are the benefits of Electronic Cheque (e-Cheque) Imaging with SmartDebit?

As well as all the benefits of standard Cheque processing, you get these added benefits.

How do I sign up?

The easiest way is to call us on 01276 472200 and we’ll explain everything you need to know – fill out the form below or email us and let us know when to call you.

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