Sep 20, 2012

Paperless Direct Debit Telephone Sign Up

You can sign up new customers to Direct Debit through our service using a few different approaches – either face-to-face, online (website and email) or over the telephone. This post will focus on how to sign up new payers via telephone and the advantages it brings.

To sign up your payers over the telephone is very easy. You simply read out a short script* to the payer and then take their name, address and bank details and key them into a single page on our online portal, SmartDebit Admin. The bank account is validated in real time so any errors will appear, giving you the opportunity to rectify them with the payer there and then. The modulus check is a mathematical formula to ensure the sort code and account number are accurate. This is a compulsory feature for our software which allows you to operate a paperless Direct Debit service through SmartDebit. Once the details have been submitted, a confirmation email can be sent immediately to the payer.

Here are a few benefits of telephone sign up:

Increased accuracy: SmartDebit Admin’s modulus check validates the customer’s details in real time, allowing you to instantly confirm the sign up back to the customer. This also eradicates any chance of errors which will reduce your administrative issues.

Relationship: It gives you the opportunity to immediately build a relationship with the customer and answer any further questions they may have about your organisation or the service you provide.

Speedy turnaround: No need to wait for the customer to fill out a form and post or email it back to you, resulting in collections beginning earlier.

Reduced paperwork: Total electronic service (note: We also offer a paper based method should your organisation require a signature from the customer).

Quick start: Simple to introduce.

*Depending on which of our services you use, the script will have to be approved by your sponsoring bank or ours.

For more information on paperless Direct Debits and telephone sign up, please contact our Sales team.

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