Jun 29, 2012

Charities using online Direct Debits as an additional donor stream

Many charities send their volunteers out on to the high street to promote their charity to the public and obtain donor information in order to secure a long term regular Direct Debit to the charity.

The Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) claims that ‘face-to-face’ marketing provides returns for charities of around £2.50 for every £1 spent over five years. While the PFRA deem this form of ‘marketing’ as acceptable, some people may find the approach of volunteers in public to be intimidating. It is very difficult to measure whether this may be disadvantageous to the image of the charity, however it is clear that it is a successful way to obtain donations. An additional revenue stream to face-to-face marketing, is the use of online Direct Debits. This will provide your organisation with another method of engagement with potential donors, allowing them to commit to regular donations via Direct Debit on their own terms. SmartDebit has a number of different web-based options to suit every size of organisation.

We live in an ever increasing technological age where more and more people are becoming web and IT literate with over 32 million adults now using the internet to buy goods and services. SmartDebit’s service provides charities with the option to incorporate a Direct Debit facility on their website, so donors can quickly and simply commit to regular donations with a few clicks of a button. Online interaction will maximise any charity’s fundraising potential, allowing donors to contribute by Direct Debit. Our Application Programming Interface (API) can be integrated and fully branded with your charity’s website, giving your donors assurance of safe and secure transactions.

The future face-to-face marketing in the UK’s high streets can combine with online Direct Debits through the use of a portable smart device using SmartDebit Online®. Volunteers can sign up donors to a Direct Debit donation there and then, eliminating the paper element which will help the environment as well as reduce administration costs.

Providing your donors with the facility to sign-up via your website has many advantages:

– Wider outreach to potential donors

– More time can be spent on core fundraising activities

– Go Green: switching to paperless Direct Debits reduces the harm caused to the environment

– Our SmartDebit Admin® portal is very simple to navigate and administer your Direct Debits

– Increases your organisation’s profile and revenue stream

To discuss the online options available to your organisation, please call our Sales team 01276 817642

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