May 29, 2012

Looking to migrate to AUDDIS?

Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service (AUDDIS) allows organisations to send their Direct Debit Instructions (DDIs) to Bacs electronically, rather than by post. Organisations across the UK are realising the benefits of operating an AUDDIS system, however, an incredible 45% of organisations collecting Direct Debit payments are still operating a paper-based system.

All companies looking to start collecting Direct Debits now will automatically use AUDDIS to lodge their DDIs with the payer’s bank, whereas if your organisation began collecting Direct Debits before the 1st January 2008 and is still sending DDIs through the post, you will have to go through a process of AUDDIS migration in order to use a paperless Direct Debit solution.

Benefits of AUDDIS

Accuracy: No handwriting involved, therefore information is more easily understood by the banks

Reduced errors: Modulus checking occurs before submission of DDIs

Lower costs: Less paper and postage. All correspondence to customers can be sent by email

Reduced processing time: From 14 days to 4

Easy to administer: All AUDDIS improvements have customer service benefits

Greener: A recent carbon emissions study commissioned by Bacs showed that emissions associated with paperless Direct Debits were less than half of those associated with a paper-based system

No upgrade required: If you currently use or move to a Direct Debit Bureau such as SmartDebit.

AUDDIS Migration

The majority of our clients are operating a paperless Direct Debit service. If you have your own Service User Number (SUN) and are looking to migrate to an AUDDIS system as well as outsourcing to a Direct Debit Bureau to administer your payment collections, we can help. There are three stages we will go through to set up your organisation for AUDDIS:

1. Application: You will need to complete some application forms with your sponsoring bank. We will give you the names of these forms and assist you with completion.

2. Testing: Clients using our service won’t have to upgrade or purchase any additional software in order to be prepared for AUDDIS. Whilst your application is being reviewed by your bank, our technical team will carry out the testing on your behalf, linking SmartDebit to your sponsoring bank and demonstrating to Bacs that we are able to correctly submit AUDDIS files on your behalf. We do this to ensure everything goes smoothly when you go live.

3. Go Live: Once we have carried out the required testing and checked everything is as it should be, we will go through the final process of migration and convert your existing DDIs to AUDDIS. You will no longer be able to submit paper DDIs once your SUN has been migrated.

On-going Processing

Paperless Direct Debiting through SmartDebit could not be simpler. You can sign up any new payers by entering their details straight into SmartDebit-Admin (our online portal) or by directing them to your website. You will also be able to edit payer amounts and details, and access a full reporting suite on each collection made. Please contact us for an online demonstration of this system and see for yourself just how easy it is to administer paperless Direct Debit collections.

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