Dec 14, 2011

Is your organisation taking advantage of the internet?

According to The Payments Council, two thirds of all adults (32 million) now use the internet to buy goods and services. They are mainly younger, cash rich people comfortable with purchasing products and services through the internet. Their numbers are only likely to increase in the coming years as more and more people come to realise the ease and flexibility of the internet.

Is your organisation missing out on taking direct debit payments from customers directly from your website? Do you want to introduce online direct debits, but think it’s too costly and time consuming? By outsourcing to SmartDebit, our developers will do all the work to enable your organisation to sign up new payers via your website. We offer a fully automated API (Application Programming Interface) which will integrate with your systems. This will provide you with control over how you brand the sign up process, the direct debit collections, edits, confirmations and reports. What’s more, your payers will stay at your website right through the sign up process.

The alternative to the fully automated API is to provide you with a link which will take your new payers to our hosted pages where they can then fill in their details. With a link, you have two options: we can set up an Iframe, which is a frame set to one of your pages so your customers will remain at your website throughout the sign up process; or, we can set up a URL link, which will take your customers to our secure site where they can sign up. With both link options your organisation’s logo will appear at the top of the form, ensuring your customers are confident of setting up a direct debit to your organisation.

For a demonstration of our online direct debit services, please call our sales team

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