Justice and Care is a charity that fights slavery in Asia, mainland Europe and the UK. It works alongside police to bring freedom to victims, helps survivors rebuild their lives, brings those responsible to justice and sparks systemic change.

We helped Justice and Care move to a recurring revenue model which has contributed to the month-on-month growth and sustainable long term financial planning of the charity.

Finding the right functional mix

Initially, they were looking for a SUN solution and to create a mechanism in-house to submit payments directly to Bacs. Addressing the conjoined complexity of obtaining their own SUN and the skills gap to build a suitable system, meant that they had to go to the market to meet their needs. The mission: find a solution which could handle paper and paperless sign-up; obtain sponsorship for a SUN; and scope an intuitive software solution which would allow them the ability to grow.

We were initially drawn to two competitors, but neither could deliver everything from our mix of requirements, so we expected that we might need multiple suppliers.

Having been presented with the challenges faced by Justice and Care, and being able to identify the ability to meet their needs within the flexibility of their standard product range, the decision was made to explore whether SmartDebit could become the charity’s chosen recurring payments partner.

Activating API for powerful payment pages

The API has unlocked the ability for the charity to build and control their own applications without being hamstrung to any other technology, and the flexibility and simplicity reduce the need for ongoing heavy lifting.

Developing a regular giving product, in collaboration with third-party developers and a slick checkout experience, fits Direct Debit seamlessly into the charity’s website, powered by the SmartDebit API. Guided through a simple but effective online journey, donors are given the option to select one-off or monthly giving of a pre-defined or custom donation amount.

Empowering engagement and supercharging sign-up

Donors are the lifeblood of the charity’s activities, enabling the funding of simultaneous programmes at both grassroots and national levels. Developing their online giving product using the SmartDebit API means that their donors get a choice in how their donations are used, which in turn inspires more advocacy amongst their own networks and an extended pattern of regular giving powering the charity to increase their impact.

Since switching to Direct Debit, regular donations have grown month-on-month, and they have delivered an impressive growth rate of 104%.

I’m a real brand evangelist for SmartDebit. I have had many conversations with other charities facing the same challenges, and we have confidently recommended SmartDebit to our network numerous times.